Identity and Access Management

Avantess-IAM Specialism

Avantess IAM specializes in implementing Identity and Access Management solutions.

We have a strong focus on providing solutions for customers for security and access management. Our services portfolio focuses on specific aspects of the IT Security market. For example end-user rights management using Role Based Access Management, (biometric) authentication and authorizations management. Providing continuous learning and training of employees and professionals in the field of IT Security Awareness is our strength.

By introducing the expertise of Avantess IAM we help clients with consultancy at an attractive rate, to optimize the design of their authorization management.

Identity Entry Scan

The use of our Identity Entry Scan provides immediate insight into where you stand with the safety awareness of your organization. We do a preliminary analysis of the existing governance structure and used Personnel Management application. As part of the scan, we can also gather indicators that an IDM Benchmark can be fed.

Security Awareness Training

In addition, we can help our customers create more IT Security awareness by leveraging our Security Awareness App. This App for mobile devices, provides accessible support by raising the safety awareness of everyone who works with IT-systems.

Permission management

Another example is our product Spider SharePoint Permission Management therefore we offer SharePoint administrators a quick and reliable SharePoint User Management tool. SPIDER gives you the opportunity for your entire Microsoft SharePoint farm, site or group structure, add users, change, or delete them.

Active Directory Cleaning

For more specialized commitment is the Achilles Active Directory Cleaning approach a way to reduce risk. We help customers to clean up their Microsoft Active Directory redundant user IDs. Through virtualization methodology AD is flipped open and accessible for analysis and reporting purposes.

For our customers Avantess-IAM can improve their risk exposure, and also achieve improved ROI on their IT investment.

IAM Services Portfolio