Partnership Avantess-IAM and TVO-Solutions

Avantess IAM in recent months entered into a strategic partnership with TVO Solutions.

This reinforces Avantess IAM’s capabilities in the field of e-learning and training, and adds a large number of training experts in the Netherlands to its network.

TVO Solutions based in Zevenaar, is a established company focusing on e-Learning and Training Services. TVO provides its own solutions from the Next Level App to certification issuance. From MOOC’s to case based learning. By the central EDUbus system all the tools can be easily linked.

The primary clients of TVO Solutions include government agencies and healthcare institutions in the Netherlands.

Avantess-IAM is a company that focuses on Cyber Security, Identity Management and IT Consulting. The company, founded in 2013, provides services in the areas of identity and access management, authentication, authorization and role-based access-management.  as well as their own products SPIDER SharePoint Permission Management, and the Security Awareness Training App. The primary customers Avantess IAM include insurance companies and the industrial sector in the Netherlands.

The Avantess IAM collaboration with TVO Solutions strengthens its capabilities and capacity in the field of cyber security training. The market for cybersecurity, is one of the fastest growing segments in the IT consulting and training market sectors.

By partnering Avantess IAM and TVO Solutions are able to add new training and e-learning services to their joint service offerings in Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Marco van Rijn, owner of Avantess IAM, said: “Avantess IAM has extensive knowledge in the field of security awareness and authorization management. Complemented by the team of experienced training experts from TVO Solutions we jointly develop a better proposition for the market. Together we can offer a intelligent mobile cybersecurity training service by means of the Security Awareness App to combat Digibetes and cybersecurity abuse. Also, the partnership allows us to deliver innovative solutions that help businesses from the inside out to become more resilient.”

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