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Every day working with your IT system is looking for ways to maximize the results from the installed applications. It is key to work efficiently, have quick access to the right information, but also how to create or realize safely and successfully the right outcome and results. In other words, use the potential of your IT system, safe and controlled with full use of the proper authorizations.

Avantess IAM has developed for you our IAM Services Portfolio to support this process:

IAM Services Portfolio

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Service Portfolio

Avantess-IAM is specialized in the implementation of the Identity and Access Management solutions. Thereby Avantess IAM is supporting you by offering IAM Consulting in the preliminary project phase by mapping the system landscape and connecting systems, defining the authorization concept, building the business case, and defining the roles and responsibilities and the new workflows to be developed.

We will also address the change management component of the project! In the implementation phase we help you with the organization of the IAM system, connecting and testing the connection with your existing IT landscape. We launch the application into production  and transfer the maintenance towards your management. Customers with big names such as the largest Dutch insurance company, for which we have configured Roll-Based Access Management, have preceded you.

Identity Entry Scan

For the first phase in an IAM project Avantess IAM offers the Identity Entry Scan. It provides an initial analysis of the existing governance structure and used the Personnel Management application. This is usually the source of information on user profiles.

Identity Entry Scan, the advantages:

With the Avantess IAM Identity Entry Scan you acquire easily an independent report on the state of identity management within your organization. Unlike the compliance audits by auditors, our Identity Entry Scan identifies options for qualitative and quantitative improvement.

As additional option the IDM Benchmark Analysis can be made of the organizational awareness and involvement of management, in relation to comparable organizations.

After the Avantess IAM Identity Entry Scan you are able to clearly identify which areas need improvement, and what benefits will deliver these improvements. The result can be the basis for building a business case or an Identity Management of Architecture and Transformation Plan.


IAM Services Portfolio Identity Entry Scan


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Mobile Training App

IAM Services Portfolio Security Awareness Training App
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De Security Awareness App

The Security Awareness App is an application that supports organizations and their staff in tracking expertise. The Security Awareness App allows you to create skilled employees and to keep their professional competence at the right level. The app can also support changes or implementing new methods. This allows for more internal involvement and fewer security incidents or conflicts.

Over a period of several weeks, you will receive every day one or two theoretical questions. You are free to decide at what time of day you answer these questions. This only takes a few minutes each day.
The concept is based upon the power of repetition: the learning efficiency is significantly increased by repeating the questions and subject matter (Source: Ebbinghaus).
In short, this app is the tool for securing and enhancing expertise. Applicable for each user, of any (training) level. The Security Awareness App runs on the iOS, Android and Windows platform and is suitable for both smartphone, tablet and PC.
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SPIDER SharePoint Permission management

Managing user permissions, forms the basis at the heart of your organization for the security of your SharePoint document management system. Thus preventing access to your data from unauthorized users, will be one of the highest priorities in your security management processes. Standard maintenance procedures in SharePoint farms or sites are very time consuming. In order to speed up this process we have developed SPIDER.

Audit, clean-up or managing SharePoint permissions of the users from SPIDER’s single console, is working across all sites or farms.

You can analyze and manage all aspects of the use of your platform, regardless of whether they are directly assigned, inherited or awarded via Active Directory or SharePoint groups.
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SPIDER Permission Management
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IAM Services Portfolio SPIDER Permission Managment

 The functions SPIDER™ is providing:

  • Maintain / Manage permissions of specific SharePoint permission Groups across multiple sites / farms
  • Verification of email addresses against AD, ADFS, LDAP’s, or any claim provider
  • Easy maintenance of SharePoint groups across sites: Fast and Secure
  • Easy overview of permissions of persons across sites for audits
  • Tool can be operated by anyone with the right SharePoint permissions

IAM Services Portfolio Achilles Active Directory Cleaning

  • Independent of Size and Complexity of the Data Dictionary
  • Creates great Flexibility
  • No limit to the Future
  • Repeatable while maintaining History
  • Risk Averse
  • Robust Solution

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Achilles Active Directory Cleaning

Get in control in by making use of the Achilles Active Directory Cleaning methodology.

Avantess IAM has developed a method that allows an iterative way to cleanse your Active Directory redundant user- and / or system Ids, regardless of the complexity and size of your Active Directory.

Security Architectuur

In order to ensure the security of your ICT system, it is important to build in security at both the planning, the design and the production phase. Proper Active Directory security architecture ensures that there is continuously tested for safety. Access control and security requirements are thus linked to the business objectives and governance.

Active Directory

Complex Active Directory forest with a large number of Active Directory groups (General, Consumer, Computer, etc.) and identities (user IDs, Functional, System, etc.), are particularly vulnerable. Often these are contaminated with obsolete IDs. With a high probability that there is no agreement anymore with the current required authorizations or governance control.

Thus a great risk of abuse or authorization fraud, with high maintenance effort / cost and risky backup procedures. An additional aspect is that of high costs in software licenses not actually exploited.

Analysis method:

Through virtualization methodology the Active Directory is flipped open and accessible for analysis and reporting purposes. This is the basis for the creation of reporting and cleaning proposals which make it possible to get rid of the Active Directory redundant entries, and identity profiles.

Security Awareness App for AD Security Awareness Training

As part of our continues learning philosophy we have to support the security consciousness of Active Directory Administrators, we developed a set of questions specifically to support the professional competence development of the Active Directory Manager.
This training are available through Security Awareness Training Applicatie.